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Full Hearts and Minds

As the first annual One Book One Norristown literacy initiative draws to a close, we have been thinking about ways to properly end our inaugural year. A holiday party, perhaps? Maybe just one more public event with Lorene Cary? While we were wrestling with ideas, Norristown Area High School English teacher Jill Myers just went ahead and delivered the mic drop that OBON needed.

Today, Jill Myers and her 9th graders hosted Community Connections Through Literature - a presentation on all of the ways that OBON has brought our community together over the past year. Developing and sustaining community partnerships was one of OBON's foremost goals, and Jill's presentation today showed that we definitely achieved that goal!

Check out our YouTube video

Another important goal for OBON was using literature as a way to engage the community civically and artistically. In partnership with Expressive Path - a nonprofit arts organization in Norristown - Jill's students displayed their artistic renderings of various texts, including Lorene Cary's The Price of a Child.

9th grader Zuriel Smith stands with her painting of children laboring in a cotton field based on Lorene Cary's The Price of a Child

9th grader Jada Arrington poses with her fierce mask painting based on Juno Diaz's "Ysrael"

This is what community looks like. And we couldn't be prouder. we say here in Town: #NASDProud

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